Welcome to my page of things I make that aren't soap!

Shower steamers ($4) are aromatherapy sessions for your shower. They contain various spa-like blends of essential oils that are released into the shower air when wet. They can turn this most utility part of the day into a sensory delight. Each steamer lasts 1-2 showers, but it is dependent on finding the right place for the steamer in your shower. Some people place the steamer behind them on the floor of the shower, our preference is to hang it from the taps in an organza bag and flick water over the steamer to release the essential oils when desired.

Bath bombs ($7.50) are fizzy delights which contain oil to moisturise the skin, fragrance to liven the senses and water soluble dyes to colour the water. Enjoy the spa-like decadence in your home each time you take a bath.

Bath mines ($7.50) are luxurious and contain oil to moisturise the skin, fragrance to liven the senses plus SALTS to help you relax. These salt mines use either Himalayan Salt or Epsom Salts to soak those overworked muscles.

All of these fizzy fun bath and shower time additions are best used within 6 months of production because the moisture in the bathroom can cause them to lose their fizz over time. But who could wait that long to use them?

Shower Steamers $4
Bombs and Mines $7.50

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