Bespoke Orders

Please note that soap prepared by traditional methods take 6 weeks to cure - which means you need to order >6 weeks in advance of your event

If you have a business and want some unique corporate gifts, that showcase your logo, then please contact me via

If you have a special occasion - wedding, baby shower, hen's night, buck's night or just need some special presents to your specifications, then please don't hesitate to contact me via sales@4ufromcj.com.au.

We can work together to achieve the soaps that you wish for using various fragrances, colours and designs. In addition, I have many cute moulds that can be used to custom design a soap to your specifications.  If you have a desired logo or image or wording for your soaps, be sure to mention this in your email and include an example.

We can place dates, hearts, icons, your logo or any information that you want on the soap.

Important notes regarding logos, wording and images
There are several details to keep in mind regarding logos or images to be imprinted in soap.  Soap, even soft soap, is not a material that lends itself well to imprinting.  Soap is "heavy set" and any fine detail or complexity in the logo or image design often becomes a glugged up mess and is lost!  So the best design is "uncomplicated" with plenty of space between the peaks and troughs.  My rule of thumb is... if the design is clearly and easily and simply drawn with a thick lead pencil, then it will probably work well in soap.  For that reason, if your current design is too detailed, we might need to work together to simplify the design while still maintaining it's character and meaning.  For the same reasons, letters (words) need to be large and well spaced. Rule of thumb is 16 letters takes up about the width of a regular bar of soap.