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How to place an order or ask for quote

Placing an order or asking for a quote is simple via email (see below)

You’ll also find a good selection of my soaps (and plenty of other gifts and goodies) at the magnificent Tallarook General Store,
and at my stall at the famous Tallarook Farmers Market

10% discount on 5 or more soaps purchased in one transaction.

How to order via email...
Email address: sales@4ufromcj.com.au

In your first email to me, I would need to know the following...

1. Your first name
2. The soaps you would like (and how many)
3. Your general location (for postage estimate)
4. A contact phone number if you’re happy to provide it

I’ll then email you back, confirming the soap cost, the postage cost,
and asking for further details if you wish to go ahead

Current AusPost cost (as of Oct 2021) for up to 16 standard bars of soap to anywhere in Australia is $11.30. 
This could vary due to changing AusPost rates, odd shaped or odd sized soaps, or for high volume orders.

Special Notes...
None of your personal details will ever leave my soap lab!
All Card Transactions are performed using the secure SQUARE on-line device that you see at many markets

How much do my soaps cost?

Artisan Range
$6 per bar (unless special ingredients)

Natures Range
$7 per bar (unless special ingredients)

Novelty Range
Please ask in email due to varying types and availability

Other Crafts, Maker's Tools, Accessories & Adults Only
Prices are on their respective pages

Please ask for a quote in email, as fragrance, style, presence of wording, logo, etc., and number of soaps will of course all vary