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Soap Fragrance Stamps

I can create stamps with wording such as the fragrance or a soap name, for example.  But due to the heavy-set nature of soap, the letters on the stamp need to be large-ish. So the wording needs to be kept to 12-14 letters, commas etc.  "Lemon Myrtle" would be fine, but "Black Raspberry and Vanilla" would need to be heavily abbreviated!  Although the stamps could be pressed into the soap with your fingers, a much better effect is obtained using the stamp holder.  The holder can be pushed with the weight of your hand, or hit with a mallet. And the stamp then comes easily away from the soap.  Click on the images below to open a new browser page with more detailed information on stamps and holder.

The individual stamps are $2 each
The Stamp Holder (inc two free stamps) is $20

Postage is at standard Australia Post rates, $2.80 for several stamps sent in an envelope, or $9.50 for a stamp holder (and stamps) sent in a satchel

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'Logo and Other Design' Stamps

Price depends on complexity, especially of the conversion process, but will likely be in the range of $30 - $50.  If you could email me a picture or sample of the image you're after, notwithstanding my notes below, I'll reply with a quote asap

I can create a large soap stamp matching your business logo, or "event" templates such as a wedding date and names of bride and groom - just let me know what you want.
However, there are several hurdles to overcome with soap stamp designs.  Soap, even soft soap, is not a material that lends itself well to stamping.  Soap is "heavy set" and any fine detail in the design often becomes a glugged up mess and is lost!  So the best design is "uncomplicated" with plenty of space between the peaks and troughs.  My rule of thumb is... if the design is clearly and easily and simply drawn with a thick lead pencil, then it will probably work well in soap.  For that reason, if your current design is too detailed, we might need to work together to simplify the design while still maintaining it's character and meaning.

A stamp is typically 5cm x 7cm but I can vary this depending on design and soap size. It will come attached to a rugged stamp handle that can be easily gripped and pressed, or hit with a mallet.

Here's a real life example of a simplified logo for our client EJ Luxuries.  The supplied logo is lovely on paper and screen, but resulted in a bit of a gluggy mess in the soap where there was too much detail, such as the lady's head and the areas where the cursive letters crossed the bath and leg.  Although the simplified version isn't anywhere near as exotic as the formal logo, it results in a clean, readable and well defined press to the soap every time.  It's not unusual to have different logos for different media.

Supplied Logo
EJ Logo

Simplified conversion
EJ Soap